Why MedInsights CE Academy?

MedInsights CE Academy provides the highest quality, interactive live and enduring continuing medical education (CME/CE) activities to healthcare professionals to address education and practice gaps. Each activity’s education/practice gaps, learning objectives, program goals, and core competencies are carefully developed to enhance learner competence and performance. Our team develops cost-effective CME/CE that supports the growth of collaborative teamwork, advances HCP professional development,and improves care.

The goal is always to improve patient care and outcomes.


MedInsights CE partners with trusted leaders in CME accreditation who have been awarded accreditation with commendation by the ACCME and have also achieved accreditation with distinction by the ANCC.


MedInsights CE specializes in interactive and effective live and enduring internet-based CME/CE activities with nationally recognized expert speakers. Faculty/experts are carefully chosen by a thorough review of their curriculum vitae and subject matter knowledge.

Content is complete, balanced, evidence-based, scientifically rigorous and free of bias.


MedInsights CE develops CME for a multidisciplinary audience of learners, including physicians, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), nurses, and pharmacists. To maximize impact of each activity, MedInsights CE reaches a vast nationwide audience and can target healthcare professionals by specialty and sub-specialty.


For each activity, the degree in which the educational initiative facilitates knowledge, competence, and practice change is assessed. Data is also gathered to determine the areas of the greatest learner need for future education. Outcomes plans use

Moore and colleagues’ seven level evaluation framework.